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Hello Beautiful, I'm Julie!

Specializing in Nail Masterpieces 

Julie is our absolute favorite nail tech, multiple hobby master, and doesn't even smell the polymer fumes anymore.

"I will listen to you and give you the nails YOU want!  I will only advise against things that may be unsafe for you and your nails."

My nail career started in a really unlikely place: a college classroom. I started attending sculpture and art classes because I have a deep passion for art. However, once I started classes I realized that the more structured learning environment wasn't one that I personally enjoyed. My next step was fiber arts beginning with crocheting. I loved being able to create something useable in my life while also enjoying the creation process. Because I my love of sculpting, I eventually found acrylic nails and knew that this was something I wanted to specialize in. 

Family and my pets are the most important parts of my life and I consider them in every decision I make....which is why becoming a nail tech was a no brainer. I am very passionate about self-expression and body modification whether it's hair, nails, tattoos, or piercings. I am also very passionate about art and creating art with my hands which is why all my hobbies already centered around this. Creating nail art is the best of these two worlds and I can provide for my family while doing something I love. 

When I have free time, I love to relax by playing games with my son. We love to make candies and cakes together or we play board games and puzzles. I also spend countless hours searching for trendy and popular nail designs to be able to offer them to clients. My services are gentle and meticulous because I want to give you the best experience possible regardless of if you have long acrylics or bite your nails to the nubs. I want to give you nails you love and cannot live without, so book with me today!










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