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Hello Beautiful, I'm Samara!

Specializing as receptionist and social media manager

Samara is our best (and only) receptionist, professional idea wrangler, and is usually the one recording when Sarah's belting out showtunes.

"My favorite part of the job is getting to see those "Wow!" moments. I love watching people's eyes light up when they see themselves in the mirror for the first time after a transformation."

I met Sarah back in 2016 when she was a manager at another salon and I worked in retail. This was my first time going to an actual salon, not just a fast haircut place, and we clicked immediately. What started as a great client-stylist relationship developed into a deep friendship. When she opened up her own salon in 2017, I followed her there and did everything I could to help her promote her business from telling everyone I knew about her salon to handing out business cards to spending an embarrassing amount of money on product and services. She's always had big dreams and I want nothing more than to see her realize those dreams. For years, she has wanted to hire me on as her receptionist so that I could streamline things in the chair for her and so that I could take the weight of the salon social media off of her shoulders. She was finally able to hire me on in 2021 and we've been working together to make her dreams a reality since.

For the first time in my life, I absolutely love my job and I look forward to coming to work every day. I may not be able to express my creativity through making hair art, but outside of work I express myself in other ways. I love change, so I'm usually changing something about my house whether it's something simple like rearranging my furniture or completely repainting a room. I tend to learn things quickly, so I taught myself to quilt a couple years ago and enjoy painting on canvas for fun. Also, I spend time outdoors whenever I can. Last year, I moved into my first house and I've been dreaming up plans for a garden. My family also semi-frequently takes hiking trips where we explore a different part of Illinois, I've been to state parks from very Northern Illinois to Southern Illinois and look forward to more trips in the future. 

When I was a kid, I always had long hair and wanted to color it or cut it but my mom wouldn't let me do anything with it until I was 18. When I turned 18, I immediately started dyeing my hair and cutting it, which launched my fascination with hair, skincare, makeup, and the beauty industry. I may not be a stylist or a nail tech, but I have a lot of general knowledge and just generally love a good conversation. Book an appointment today with any of our fantastic stylists or nail technician and say hello!









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