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Hello Beautiful, I'm Sammi!

Specializing in Tape-in Hair Extensions 

Sammi is our mom-of-all trades because she is constantly learning new specialties or new techniques, crafty and fun mom of six!

"I ask a lot of questions during consultations because I want to make sure I understand what you want or need."

As a mom of six kids ranging in age from 14 years old to 1 year old, my life gets a little hectic sometimes. A little over a year ago I had  cut my hair into a pixie cut to save time in styling it in the mornings, but I decided to grow my hair back out. I discovered that my longer hair made me feel more attractive so I began my journey of growing out my pixie with something I had learned about, extensions. I loved how my extensions gave me my long hair back and just how flexible they were for my crazy lifestyle that I wanted to offer them to my clients along with the services we already do.

I spend a lot of my free time learning about different specialties or techniques. Because I'm a newer stylist, I'm trying to carve out a niche for myself in the industry by learning how to provide different luxury services. Hair extensions are where I started and I'm building up a clientele for them because I wear them too! 


If I'm not at the salon or running after my kids, I love to craft. My favorite project so far has to be the glitter tumblers I made for the salon Christmas party, but I also have a Cricut that I'm always looking for projects for. I have a lot of energy and a free-spirit and  that is definitely reflected from the way I dress to going on fun adventures, like going ziplining! However even if I am high energy, when I have someone in my chair, I want to be the person that they feel comfortable talking to. I'm always going to greet you with a bright smile and listening ear. Being a mom means so much to me, my kids are my life, and that tends to translate over to my chair with how I nurture my relationship with my clients. If you're ready for a new adventure with your hair or just need a friend to listen, book with me today and we can build your best you together!

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